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Copyright Attorneys

Computers in general, and the internet in particular, have made it easier than ever for you to reach a wide audience with your words and images. At the same time, however, it has made it easier for people to infringe upon your work.

At Jacobs & Burleigh, we have been helping people to protect their intellectual property rights, as well as helping them to ensure that they do not infringe upon the rights of others, for more than 20 years.

Protecting Your Rights

We can help you to protect your copyright in materials, and to receive compensation for their use, by:

  • Assisting you in registering your copyright and placing appropriate copyright notices on materials
  • Assisting you in setting alerts so that you can identify potential online infringement
  • Drafting cease and desist letters
  • Drafting DMCA takedown notices
  • Negotiating and drafting licenses permitting others to use your materials upon payment to you

While these activities will often cause an infringing party to stop use of your intellectual property, there are times when litigation may be appropriate. Jacobs & Burleigh can advise you on copyright infringement litigation, on the chance of obtaining a prompt injunction against improper use of your material or otherwise achieving a satisfactory settlement, and on the merits of proceeding to trial.

Reducing Your Risk in Using Materials Created by Others

At Jacobs & Burleigh, we understand that while you respect the intellectual property rights of others, there are times when you want to use that perfect picture, or to quote materials created by others. We can help you to determine whether and to what extent such materials are subject to copyright protection and, if protected, whether they may be used on a fair use basis. We can also help you to negotiate and obtain licenses to use materials when appropriate.

Learn more about copyright protection by contacting us online or by calling 212-207-8787 to schedule an appointment with the experienced lawyers at our New York offices.