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Entertainment Law

Working with You in the Ever-Evolving Entertainment Industry

The entertainment industry is quickly expanding and evolving to include new types of content, content providers and distributors, as technology and consumer demand transform the marketplace. Our attorneys work with content providers and distributors to ensure that their interests are protected in connection with both traditional and evolving media. Our firm has the knowledge and experience to represent entertainment industry clients in connection with a broad array of matters and on all platforms and media, including:


  • Acquisition of Rights in Literary Works and Other Underlying Materials
  • Production Agreements
  • Distribution Agreements
  • Distribution on Video and Digital Devices


  • Documentaries and Other Works


  • First Class Stage Productions
  • Off-Broadway Stage Productions
  • Road Show Stage Productions
  • Stock and Amateur Productions

We are focused on serving the needs of innovative media businesses and individuals, who need to keep pace with cutting-edge developments. Contact us online or call 212-207-8787 to schedule your initial consultation with one of our attorneys at our New York offices.