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Representation in Intellectual Property Matters

At the offices of Jacobs & Burleigh LLP, we have represented clients from all areas of the world in intellectual property and related matters since 1995. Our lawyers work closely with businesses to create and protect their intellectual property, providing clients with a full range of counsel and representation in domestic and international trademark prosecution and advice; domain name disputes; trade secret matters; copyright transactions; enforcement actions and litigation to protect and defend our clients' rights; and intellectual property-based licensing. Our work includes:

  • Trademark registration: We work with individuals and businesses to help them understand the trademark adoption and registration process and the importance of registering and policing their trademarks. We obtain and analyze search reports, evaluate the strength of proposed names and trademarks for goods and services, draft and file trademark applications, respond to office actions, work with the Patent and Trademark Office to resolve Office Actions, educate our clients about the process, and, where appropriate, litigate trademark matters.
  • Digital publishing and web media: Online publishing is now a central part of many business strategies. We particularly offer businesses the experienced counsel they need to realize the enormous potential of the internet, addressing such key issues as fair use, privacy policies, defamation, Terms of Use, DMCA compliance and CAN-SPAM matters.
  • Intellectual property licensing and contracts: Our firm is highly experienced in both software licensing and brand and product licensing. In that regard, we have vast experience in the negotiation and drafting of license agreements involving software, as well as a wide variety of brands and merchandise, including magazines, clothing lines, video games, furniture, household products, appliances, restaurants and pharmaceuticals. With our counsel and our services, our clients have often been able to fully exploit the value of their intellectual property.  
  • Intellectual property prosecution and defense: Registering your trademark or copyright is often only the first step in protecting your intellectual property. We work with clients to maintain their ongoing rights to their trademark and copyrights, including defending clients against claims of copyright or trademark infringement and prosecuting others in intellectual property matters.

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